Would you do anything for love?

I have asked this question over and over again to myself, to my friends, to my family, and to my husband and the answers are never the same.

Would you do anything for love? No is the answer I get from most, but if you thought about it as a positive emotion and not negative you might feel differently.

I just watched the movie “Everything, Everything”, which was a teen love story that was so pure and loving.  She thought she wouldn’t do anything for love but being in love changed that for her.  Although she risked her life for love, she was really allowing love to help her take chances that she would not have taken on her own.

Love is such a strong emotion.  It really does challenge your heart and your state of mind at times.  You struggle with allowing love to make you do things that are totally out of character, like a person who never cooks cooking a meal for the one they love, like the one who never travels, but jumps at the opportunity to go to the Caribbean with the one they love, or never having a temper, but when the one you love hurts you deeply you act out in rage breaking windows out his car or spewing mean hurtful words in their face.

We always want to believe we are in control of our emotions, but when you love someone, that is constantly challenged.

Sometimes you have to do a self-check and ask yourself am I doing this for love or because I want to? Am I acting out because I love this person or do I have every right to show this emotion in love or not?

This brings me to the Meatloaf song “I’d Do Anything For Love But I Won’t Do That”. I would love you, respect you, share my life with you, compromise, and be honest with you but I won’t steal for love, kill for love, degrade myself for love, or kill myself for love.

It is a very slippery slope when you find “love” for the first time.  You Enjoy the feeling and you want to forever feel that so you find yourself doing these crazy out of character things to hold on to it.

Be careful and know your worth. If you are loving that hard they should be loving you back just as hard and not putting you in circumstances that make you question, “Would I Do Anything For Love”.


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