The Art of the French Kiss

This topic may be a little uncomfortable for some, but I will try to make it as PG as I can.

Getting personal now – I think back to the type of kisses my husband and I use to give each other when life was a little slower and free. Our kisses lingered and then there was the look into each other’s eyes afterward and then the smile before departing.  Can you imagine?

Now we are lucky if we get a peck or a childhood blow you a kiss gesture.  I have to laugh at how things change with time.  It reminds me of the saying “Take time to smell the roses.”

After I thought about this I went around to other couples asking if they french kiss with their partner and the answer was no, who has time for that, or only when we are intimate.  I mean it was nice to know I wasn’t the only one but it was a little sad that we all think about it but just don’t make time for it.

Then you start to think, is it really that serious. No, but it could be a time to make a connection with your partner. It is a short amount of time to only think of them and feel intimate. It makes me think of that Alisha Keys song “Like You’ll Never See Me Again”. Listen to that and I bet you will want to kiss him/her like you’ll never see them again. A little sad but you get the point.

French Kiss

The name just sounds so high “schoolish” LOL!

French Kiss according to is a kiss with contact between tongues.

Uh sounds about right but the visual is weird.  If you are in need of “relearning” the French Kiss there are many YouTube videos on how to do just that.

All I am trying to say is find time to love on your partner. When there is only minutes or seconds before you have to leave or depart from one another make it count and why not make it count with a French Kiss.

and not like the picture above, a real kiss and tell me what happened when you sprung that on your lover.


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